Standard features:

  • Digital Car position indicator at all halls.
  • Up/Dn indicator at all halls.
  • Car ventilation and light.
  • Emergency alarm bell.
  • Full down collective control.
  • Door open Buzzer.
  • Minimum space & overhead requirements.
  • Automatic/manual operation.
  • Fault indication in control for fast & easy maintenance.
  • Attendant service/independent service.

Safety features:

  • Motor Overload protection.
  • Single phase protection.
  • Reverse phase protection.
  • Phase failure protection.
  • Over speed protection.
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Final Limit switch.
  • Interlock switch.
  • Pit switch.
  • Buffer

Optional features:

  • Full collective selective selection.
  • Fireman switch.
  • Emergency alarm switch.
  • VIP mode service.
  • Simplex/Duplex/Triplex control.
  • Elevator management system.
  • K Galaxy Rescue system power failure.
  • Emergency rescue devices.
  • Intra red door protection.


Rescue system:

 Rescue system is an emergency rescue device for all type of elevators. It is useful in  condition like  power  failure, phase  failure, phase  reversal in such condition rescue system accurate the elevator

 system & bring the elevator down to nearest floor instantly without giving mental anxiety to passengers


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