We design different types of elevators as per the requirement of customers.
Types of doors:
  • Manual Doors
    • Collapsible Door
    • Imperforated Door
    • Sliding Telescopic Doors
  • Auto Doors
    • Automatic Center Opening Door
    • Automatic Sliding Telescopic Door
    • Vertical Biparting Door
  • Cabin Enclosure
    • To meet customer requirement we offer inside car enclosure made with stainless steel, mild steel and wooden with decorative laminations 


Variable Voltage Variable Frequency drive system in the line with global need to conserve energy in all form of its usage. Even through, energy saving is the primary advantage of the variable frequency system. Simplicity & economy are also other key features of VVVF elevators.

    • Jerk less starting & stopping are achieved irrespective of load.
    • Precise leveling accuracy.
    • Stopping of elevator is done by perfect electrical braking unit for minimizing mechanical wear & tear.
    • Higher energy saving by lower starting current.
    • Saves generator expenses

Contributes to long term reliability of elevator with improved ride & less break down.

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